Ordinary Man

€44 €95
  • Ordinary Man - UZTZU 4-Ways Reversible T-Shirts


Ordinary Man

€44 €95

No Black / No White, is what I have in my mind now. So What? Let’s talk about that. Let’s write it down. Let’s design it. No answers but questions and brain juice rivers. Staying fresh on the minimal side of the moon.

Soundtrack: Chinese Man - Ordinary Man

The Uztzu Q-shirt can be worn 4 different ways, so you can choose which works best for any occasion. With its multiple combinations, you can now optimise your wardrobe space and enhance your style anytime, anywhere.

The Stay-Dry and Hydrophilic NANO-technologies, applied to the Anti-Bacterial fabric, keep your skin dry and free from body odour throughout the day.

4 in 1 Designer T-shirt Features:

100% Made in Italy using Repreve recycled fabric

Single Layer technology

T.Z.U. Sewing Technique

Z.T.Z. Neck Cut Technique