Men's Kalief Blue 4-Sleeve Shirt

€99 €349
  • Men's Kalief BLUE Short-To-Long Shirt - UZTZU 4-Ways Reversible T-Shirts


Men's Kalief Blue 4-Sleeve Shirt

€99 €349

The 4-Sleeve Shirt comes in two sizes, click below to see breakdown and determine which fit is for you.


The Uztzu's 4-Sleeve Shirt is designed to face small temperature leaps with purely unique fit and style.

The  4-Sleeve Shirts come all with Worldwide Free-Shipping packed inside this UZTZU branded Jim-Bag.

Watch the video below:


When you just move from indoor to outdoor, or while having a nice dinner outside and the wind starts blowing, or from a without to air conditioning context like when you both hit your flights or go shopping, are just some examples where the 4-Sleeve Shirt makes your life easier. 

As you can see on the photos, the long sleeves lenght is designed to hide behind the bottom edge when dropped inside.
If you want to change fit and style, just knot the long sleeves beside and the 4-Sleeve Shirt appereance will morph to a different shape. 


The fabric's composition is a mid-heavy super soft and elastic Viscose designed to get you warmer by going from short to long sleeve, and viceversa.

100% Designed and Made in Italy, Friuli.