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Geometric Portrait | T-Shirt Lunazzi 2 sides | Uztzu

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The Luciano Lunazzi Geometric Portrait T-shirt is a 2-in-1 unisex shirt that, as you can imagine, represents a work by the Italian artist Luciano Lunazzi.
 It is an exception within his production, and the artist's research is perceived in defining his characteristic sign in absolutely geometric spaces; in Luciano's work there are both mainstream and sought after works, this belongs to the second category.
The unmistakable style of Luciano Lunazzi is influenced by pop-art and street-art, taking shape in the synthesis of a creative mind that has lived traveling the world for most of his life.
Luciano passed away some time ago and thanks to the support of his brother Piero, with this collection of prints, we at Uztzu would like to give a small contribution to the continuity of his work and research.
With this t-shirt you can decide what to wear in front on your chest and what on your back, you can wear it as you like.

This shirt is in presale.
We want to take the time to carefully print and pack your t-shirt, in the meantime we will keep you updated on the progress of the work so you will always know at what stage of production we are.
All our products are 100% produced in Italy.

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