Naked Man with Duck | T-Shirt Cip Art - Comunità Nove 2 sides | Uztzu

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Naked Man with Duck | T-Shirt Cip Art - Comunità Nove 2 sides | Uztzu

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Cip Art Naked Man with Duck t-shirt is a 2-in-1 unisex t-shirt with which you can decide what to wear on your chest and on your back. To make it easy, decide to have the black solid side in front and wear the design behind, or vice versa - as you like.  The CipArt Decoration Workshop was born as the "artistic arm" of the Comunità Nove day center of the Udine Mental Health Department and proud guest of the Sant'Osvaldo park, with the aim of reproducing through the art the transformation process that led to the overcoming the mental institutions; represent the evolutions we want to continually involve the spaces we live, physical and mental; reflect an idea of ​​the spaces of the Community, completely revised by CipArt, as a common heritage, a collective good to be cured, innovated, kept alive.


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