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Head, Face, Brow | Original T-Shirt 4 sides | Uztzu

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The Head, Face, Brow t-shirt is a 4-in-1 t-shirt designed for those who love the sound of the Italian language and want to wear a 100% Made in Italy garment. In this t-shirt we play with words with similar meanings that juxtapose others with different meanings and with the new slang terms that have recently become part of the official vocabulary of the Italian language. In this case the terms, on the one hand the sound means upside-down and divided, on the other hand a strange way of saying bring up the dog.
If you need something more sober you can always turn the shirt on the more minimal sides. An unmistakable style in a unique and sophisticated item of clothing.

This shirt is in presale.
We want to take the time to carefully pack and print your t-shirt, in the meantime we will keep you updated on the progress of the work so you will always know at what stage of production we are.
All our products are strictly produced in Italy.

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