Aleph is the symbol that connects languages and cultures: it’s the first letter of the phoenician and hebrew alphabet, it corresponds to the greek alpha, the arabic alif and the latin A. It represents the one, the beginning, the physically impossible vacuum, the clash between matter and anti-matter. For Borges, it is the sign that knowledge is difficult if not supported by intuition, it is paradox, the possibility of seeing everything in the universe from every possible angle.


 It is from the contrast between unity and vacuum that uztzu originates: Uztzu represents the inner journey that the designer M/Aleph followed to complete the project. The acronym: U is for unity which, in a situation where the superfluous does not exist, challenges and is completed by the Z of zero, vacuum, silence. From this synthesis, each of us finds himself in a condition where we have to focus, to Zoom in on the values we want to pursue: Utopia, taken as the ideal model, becomes a place to head for, a point of reference that dissipates uncertainty and guides us in our choices.

Udine because our hometown is Udine, Friuli, Italy. 

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