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Uztzu represents a collective of artists and athletes proactive in the Street Culture and we are based in Udine, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy. Trough contemporary, ethically made clothing we aim to shatter the dullness and annihilation of being young in the italian province.We take an active role in our community by supporting our locals, hosting events and acting as a creative agency. When you purchase an item from Uztzu, you are purchasing a slice of our collective. Let's spread Italian Street Culture together.


Uztzu CClothing Mark

Aleph is the symbol that connects languages and cultures: it’s the first letter of the phoenician and hebrew alphabet, it corresponds to the greek alpha, the arabic alif and the latin A. It represents the one, the beginning, the physically impossible vacuum, the clash between matter and anti-matter. For Borges, it is the sign that knowledge is difficult if not supported by intuition, it is paradox, the possibility of seeing everything in the universe from every possible angle.


Uztzu Clothing Word


U: stands for Unit - Unity
Z: stands for Zero - vacuum, silence
Z: stands for Zoom - focus, see
U: stands for Utopia - what we all should aim and act for

Unit Zero to Zoom Utopia.

See u around.