• Physical CD - Dj Fastcut -  "Dead Poets 3 - "Maledetti"

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Physical CD - Dj Fastcut - "Dead Poets 3 - "Maledetti"

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CD album DJ FASTCUT - DEAD POETS 3 "Maledetti" is now availlable.

"Dead Poets III" is the new album by Dj Fastcut, the third chapter of the legendary underground saga, the Roman producer is back to summon the extinct poets, to give life to new combinations able to surprise fans once again.
To the regulars of the saga as the Dead Poets 2.0 - Sgravo, Mattak, Wiser, Funky Nano - or even William Peyote, Moder, Kento, are added new entries of absolute level almost Frankie Hi-NRG - who is entrusted with the introduction -, Caparezza, Clementino, Tormento, Roy Paci and others. The work of Dj Fastcut as conductor remains linked to the classic sounds that have marked the history of hip hop, but with a non-nostalgic approach. The instrumentals of "Dead Poets III" do not look to the past, but interpret a timeless sound in a modern key. He does it - and his guests do it - with various stylistic declinations and matrices, without precluding himself from experimenting, without being afraid to go out of his own comfort zone.
So there are hardcore pieces such as "Click Bang Bro" or "Bust That", others so hardcore that they go right to the limit - "Il Peggio del Peggio" -, others darker and reflective, such as "Nocturnal", or more pressing and emerging, such as "Solo Solo". Dj Fastcut allowed each rapper involved to give their best, but often in a way that wasn't obvious.
"Dead Poets III" was mixed and mastered by Davide 'Hybrido' Patacchini at V2A Studio. The graphic project is by Francesco 'Deddio' Deddi, while the illustration is signed by Francesco 'Forcin' Napoletano.
"In the rappers I see the lives of the "cursed", I see the discomfort of living in society - by virtue of their hermeticism -, I see a great introversion. However, their "self-destruction" becomes a strong point in the songs, as in the poems of the cursed. This is how Dead Poets" - Dj Fastcut


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